The SALT Platform

Features & support for every aspect of your business.

Currencies & Settlement

Take your business global with SALT — we gateway in over 120 different currencies and are connected with over 120 banks globally.

Multiple Payment Methods

The SALT Platform supports multiple payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, International Maestro, and more.

Shopping Cart Plugins

SALT offers diverse integration with popular plugins for most eCommerce shopping carts. SALT also offers its own internal shopping cart if you’re looking for a ready-made solution.


Easily manage your payments and settlements through the web using our Management Management Console or directly through our programming interface.

OneTouch Mobile & Online Commerce

SALT understands that your customers want to buy from you when & where they want. We help you make that happen with One Touch mobile & web check out. All available to you in a multitude of languages and across different integrations. For more information see below.

PCI Compliance

SALT is fully PCI-DSS Compliant. We take care of the security so you don’t have to. PCI Compliance is important, find out more here.

Integrate your way

SALT Virtual Terminal

The SALT Virtual Terminal allows you to process credit card orders by entering a customer’s credit card info into a secure point-of-sale web page.

  • Ready-to-use out of the box, no programming required
  • Hosted within the SSL-secured SALT Merchant Management Console
  • Transaction management available through the SALT Merchant Management Console
  • Start with the SALT Virtual Terminal and add a new integration method at any time

SALT Hosted Payment Solution

The SALT Hosted Payment Solution provides you with a secure, customizable, hosted payment form.

  • Securely hosted by SALT, no SSL certificate needed
  • Customizable – match your brand, and choose what fields to display
  • Transaction results can be returned to your website for post-processing
  • Email receipt and transaction management features available

SALT Core API & Silent Redirect

The SALT Core API gives you complete control over integration into your e-commerce solution. SALT Silent Redirect enables you to become PCI Compliant with ease.

  • Libraries available in most major programming languages including: Java, Ruby, Microsoft .NET, and PHP
  • RESTful API also available
  • Silent Redirect allows you to keep the look and feel of your website while staying PCI-compliant
  • Learn more in our Developer Center.


Advanced Fraud Detection

Keep yourself and your business safe from credit card fraud. SALT has a suite of tools & measures in place to keep you and your customers safe from fraud. Our solutions can drastically mitigate chargebacks.

  • Payment Security Standard Tools – AVS, CVV, transaction limits
  • Rules-based fraud detection – over 100,000 combinations of rules for automated transaction monitoring 
  • Real-time risk assessment – evaluate and decline risky transactions at the time of purchase using our intelligent fraud screening system.
  • Professional anti-fraud monitoring – We can provide advanced professional anti-fraud solutions & monitoring, and we can even train your team so you can manage anti-fraud solutions in-house.