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  • Patented OneTouch mobile and online payment APIs
  • Libraries in multiple programming languages, ¬†including Java, Microsoft .NET, PHP, and Ruby
  • RESTful API
  • Easy & automated sandbox account creation
  • Full documentation & plenty of sample code
  • Excellent technical support

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Developer Center


This is a real cURL command: copy/paste it into your terminal and run it! Check out our developer sandbox for more information.

curl '' --data 'merchantId=600&apiToken=abc&amount=100&requestCode=singlePurchase&orderId=1390684986355&creditCardNumber=4111111111111111&expiryDate=1218&cvv2=123&street=111+street&zip=m1m+1m0&marketSegmentCode=I&cvv2RequestCode=1&avsRequestCode=1'

Build It Your Way

Processing a payment has never been easier. Check out the API Reference to see how to process sales, recurring payments, verifications and refunds in the language of your choice.

CreditCardReceipt receipt = httpsCreditCardService.singlePurchase(orderId, creditCard,1000, verificationRequest); //10 dollars transactionId = receipt.getTransactionId();
receipt = service.singlePurchase("order-124", creditCard, "200", vr)
$service->singlePurchase($transactionId, $creditCard, '100', $vr);
CreditCardReceipt receipt = httpsCreditCardService.singlePurchase(orderId, creditCard, 1000, verificationRequest); //10 dollars transactionId = receipt.getTransactionId();